Thursday, December 31, 2009

7 minutes in heaven

hello friends!
i have 7 minutes left, so i'll try and make this post nice and short. i am on my way to Kombo for New Year's and more traning. i am in a town called Brikama with some friends, and then we will take a gelly-gelly together. I have been travelling since 7 this morning, but it was not bad. there were 3 fishmongers on the gelly i took, which means that everything smelled like fish. but they were nice enough. i also happened to meet one of the teachers from the school in my new village. he was very nice and had worked with a peace corps volunteer before (though 10 years ago), so hopefully he will be a good contact for me when i am done with training.
i have spent the past 4 days in village. it is unbeliveably beautiful, far more than i expected. there are palm trees and fruit trees and the beach is perfect. tourist heaven. my family is very nice, too. at least 4 of them speak good English, including my host father, who is really nice and very well-connected, everyone in the village seems to be related to him.
well i am sure over the next week i will be able to make a lengthier post. sorry to cut this one so short. thanks to everyone who is reading and sending me love and helps so much! i hope you all have a safe and happy new year. take care of each other!

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