Tuesday, July 6, 2010

the rains are here.

the rains have begun. i was really excited for the rains to come, while most of my host family was not. i thought they weren't excited because the rain means it's time to get working in the fields (nobody's lazy during rainy season). but now that we are a few weeks in, i am seeing that rainy season definitely has it's negatives as well as it's positive points. i'll list a few for you...
pro- it's not as hot. when the rain is falling and right afterwards.
con-it's super, super humid before it does rain. apparently it's been more humid than usual this year so skin infections are running rampant on our volunteer flesh. send dial soap!
pro-everything is getting really, really green. we actually have grass now! i didn't even think that was possible.
con-EVERYTHING is getting really, really green. there is so much mold popping up everywhere.
pro-i don't have to go to the well nearly as often.
con- rainy season = creepy crawly season. oh hello giant spiders, roaches, scorpions, and enormous red bugs. and other assorted beasts.
pro-trees are growing
con-stagnant water everywhere-mosquito breeding grounds
pro-opportunity for malaria education!
so overall i still think it's a win. i'll keep you posted. i haven't stepped in too many terrible puddles yet, and the sand has been nicely packed by the rain. but the puddles here are a new level of gross, you really never know what's under that murky water.
and you really can't beat raindrops on the corrugate. it's such a great sound. and the cool breeze that accompanies them is quite simply heaven. also...we have fantastic thunderstorms. you should all come see it.

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