Wednesday, August 1, 2012

slipping back on my bloggin shoes

i think they still fit.
so this blog is an experiment for me, a sort of out-pouring of things i think about from day to day but never seem to have an appropriate outlet for.
what i'm trying to say is this blog is me resisting twitter just a little bit longer.
here are some things i've been musing over lately:

-why did the Queen stop at just 2 corgis when she clearly loves them? she could have an army. she's the queen.
-does it seem like Bob Costas resents Ryan Seacrest for slowly usurping his role as Olympics coverage overlord?
-how much glitter eyeshadow is too much?
-did you see how bored Prince Harry looked during men's gymnastics? the jokes on him, because of his bad attitude the British got the bronze medal (jk. Japan earned it.)
-volleyball is awesome.
-i wish i had cable so i could watch archery.
-i would like Ryan Lochte a lot more if he never opened his mouth. Maybe Missy Franklin should just do all his interviews from now on.

-all the press about the new batman movie is saying Anne Hathaway had to lose an incredible amount of weight to fit in her Catwoman suit for the movie. what does this mean? they intentionally made the suit really small so she would have to be in super crazy thin shape? that suit wasn't even all that impressive. except for the claws.

-i love podcasts (too much) but i wish they had a way of keeping the people doing them from interuppting each other. what's so great about this uncut flow? half the time the interuptions pertain to topics that only interest the 2 people doing the podcast. and not, you know, the people they're doing to podcast for. edit that business out.

-speaking of podcasts, i heard on one that the TSA is supposed to stop patting down celebrities going through airport security. are celebrities the new drug mule? except for Snoop Lion. when you change your name to celebrate Bob Marley, you can expect to ALWAYS be patted down.

-pinterest makes me feel inferior. but then they have cute pictures that remind me i don't care that i'm not going to use 75% of the pins on my boards.

-i bet the people who work for TMZ lie at family reunions and say they do something useful.

-does octomom's success marketing her body reflect worse on american culture or octomom? when is kate gosselin gonna take her under her organized and probably botoxed wing and teach her a thing or two about keeping it classy, multiple-birth style? and by classy i really just mean clothed. more kids=more people to be mortified by your behavior.

-i know NASA is supposed to be working hard on getting to the Moon and Mars in the next 30 years or so. but i suggest they focus on the Moon to shut those conspiracy theorists up before Neil Armstrong dies. or are they stalling until the esteemed Armstrong dies so he can't write a tell-all about the first time? either way, the man's a patriot.

-speaking of conspiracy theorists, if there was a show where they got to explain their crazy theories each week and face off in a debate with a panel of experts, i'd watch it. i would also totally watch a big brother/hoarders crossover. if they were allowed to shop online.

-i would not want my future employers reading this blog. however, since i have very few future employers on the horizion, i'm going to say what i please. does anybody want to offer me a job correcting their dumb status updates/blogs? i actually understand the rules of capitalization, despite my "style."

-as a young(ish) adult, i have been considering trying to eliminate words and phrases from my vocabulary such as like, lol, oh my god, and most vernacular. however, then how would i communicate with anyone younger than me? decisions, decisions. 

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