Monday, February 15, 2010

in the black hole of the city

Hello, friends.
I hope you all had a happy Valentine's day full of love and chocolates and flowers and all those hallmark-holiday moments Cupid would wish. Mine was good, I wound up in the city to see off a friend who unfortunately has been medically seperated, meaning that she was sent home and excused from the remainder of her service. It was hard to see her go, she had a lot to offer and we will all miss her very much. But we packed her off to Idaho and the snow. But she is a great girl and I know she will do great with whatever her next adventure may be.
It was surreal going to the airport to see her off, I had forgotten what the building looked like. Walking in gave me a rush of memories. And then, on the drive home, we saw the President's motorcade (and the President himself). He throws cookies from his car, but all the cookies he threw were run over by the rest of his convoy. It was actually pretty funny. But a great sight to see. Quite an experience. They drive really, really fast.
My trip to the city has proved very productive, I was informed about a project I am very interested in working on (involving coastal education-and this one has funding!). I really hope this new project pans out, I've got several irons in the fire right now, but most of them are short-term and the few long-term ones are near to my heart, but mostly tentative. I have also noticed that the Kombos are sort of a black hole, once I get here it becomes difficult to leave. I am going to attempt an escape after I finish this post, but I will be coming back before the week is over for meetings and social engaments (i'm multi-tasking, what can I say). I want to spend as much time as I can in village, especially in these early days when I am trying to establish a routine and a rapport. I feel like it's going well, I am working with a women's group that I really like. The women here have to work so hard, and it's amazing how much education can change a woman's life, especially. The women who have finished school have such an advantage, the difference in their quality of life is astounding. Education is no joke here, it's really expensive and a huge commitment, but it makes all the difference. The women's group I've been working with has some educated and some who did not complete school, but they are all very focused and goal-oriented, which is very refreshing here. And none of them have asked me to marry them and take them to America, which is the number one advantage of working with women.
I am starved for updates on the Olympics if anyone has free time. I've been looking at news websites, but slow internet makes it a frustrating endeavor. Anyone who wants to email or facebook (or even snail-mail me articles with pictures!) is more than welcome. I have heard about the tragedy on the luge track, and that Apollo is still really, really fast. Thanks, Jena. You know exactly what I like to hear.
And while we're on personal shout-outs, Lauren Wert I stalked your office on PeaceCorps wiki and mailed you a letter. it'll be there in 3-5 weeks. Hi Mom.
And now I am headed home to start my garden (I finally have a fence!) and enjoy being away from the city for a few days before I get sucked back in to the hustle and bustle. I'm going to the north bank towards the end of the week-i'll swing by Kombo and hit the internet up then too. Take care and take a break from shoveling all that snow.

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  1. Hi Casey, Good luck with your meetings! Love you, Mom