Wednesday, February 24, 2010

West African International Time

yes that spells wait. and that's kind of what i'm learning to do.
it's harder than it sounds. i have been frustrated lately. the office is sending someone to visit me at some point this week. can i sit at my house all week? no. can they tell me when they are coming? no. and will they come when they say they are going to? no. i will see them sometime, or they will come and i will be out, and there will be a problem, i suppose. it's been a lot of run-around this week, unfortunately, a lot of "i will call you at this time and we will meet where i tell you" and then my phone does not ring, and i get more "where were you?"
we are none of us mind-readers. so i'm taking it in stride, or trying. and i've still acomplished more than i thought this week, including meeting the owner of my village's art gallery, which is absolutely beautiful. all this waiting is giving me a chance to explore the village more, and work on my language, of course. and ride my bike! i've been doing much more of that recently, and it really is the only way to travel. i'm going to get a sweet biker's tan. i can only hope.
and maybe soon i will climb on my bike, go to a meeting, and come home to a peace corps office worker waiting on me, for once.
it's a nice thought.


  1. i know you can rock the tan.

  2. Waiting is hard..... Keep on riding, talking, seeing the people! It'll fall into place The Gambian time- with a tan no less!!

  3. They may have already come and Baby Monkey scared them away! Love you