Friday, February 19, 2010

some people really know how to blog

i am not referring to myself. i have been checking my fellow volunteer's blogs, and some of them are really quite good at it. they regularly post pictures. they keep notebooks. they describe their projects. the give in-depth descriptions of the culture. i don't think i've done any of those things.
and i'm not going to start with this post. suckers.
today i am heading home. i spent 4 1/2 hours of the ferry yesterday, but my meeting was great and i got to see the fabled house of ill repute on the north bank. it was not what i expected, but in the Gambia, what is? i really wouldn't have known if i hadn't been informed "this is it. no there. that one."
and yesterday was a national holiday. the Gambia has been independent for 45 years. there was no school and they fired the cannons. i think there were other celebrations, but i spent the whole day happily talking about wetlands and conservation practices so i missed them. i have another meeting with the same NGO tomorrow, in my village because, as my "bad muslim" counterpart puts it, "they have palm wine there." i don't drink in village and definitely wouldn't drink during a meeting, but if he wants to drive everyone down and i don't have to sit on the ferry again, i am not going to complain whatsoever. i am also going to be cooking lunch for the meeting, it's going to be a gumbo experiement. everyone thinks we should have shrimp but i'm fairly certain there's no shrimp to be had in my village. it's probably going to be more like a chili. you can't exactly ask a vegetarian to cook shrimp gumbo and except it to be properly prepared.
but i have to run, this always seems to be my last stop in kombo. next time, i will blog earlier in my visit, before my brain races ahead to the next step.


  1. Oh my goodness, could it be? You spelled "definitely" correctly for the first time in your life!

  2. I did not right that.

    I did laugh when you wrote suckers, however.